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Present Musings and Progress...

My Safe Cozy Comfort Corner

I am commencing my blog assuming the majority of you have read “My Story” .

What I now am writing is journaling specific events that contributed, and/or continue 

to contribute to my healing journey 

layer by layer.  

Recently, I’ve learned a definition of healing I like through the “Grief Counselor, David Kessler”, in one of his free online sessions;

“The loss (trauma) no longer controls: 

our lives,

our decisions,

our world.”

Every day I spend hours with people with the waves of grief that continue to roll in -

People new to me, people who knew me as long as over fifty years ago, current people - 

Each of us needing to talk and share “our story” in the ongoing trauma of unresolved issues.


I want to thank each of you who has responded to my website through my address.  The comfort and strength each of your messages affords me is beyond ability to express.  

Thank you.

It is particularly meaningful that there are those of you who reach out to me who knew me only many, many years ago.  It is incredible to me.  How can I thank you.

Perhaps this is the means provided.

Now we’ll see where this goes as I am learning yet another “trick” at my 81 years of life - 

creating a “blog”.  

WHAT does THAT mean…

I would put in a smiley face if I knew how.  (-;

I learned,


I intend to post a blog each week for awhile so check back often!

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