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May 2021 - November 2023


I was told March 9, 2021, I would no longer be given a coworker and a field.


Following my final beloved privilege of preaching the sweet gospel story publicly on March 28, 2021, I was welcomed into a “Safe Home.”


 It was where I had been sheltered during the Covid Lockdown.

“Room with a View, the view from my room.”


I spent 6 agonized weeks wondering why God would awaken me each morning with the phrase ringing in my mind, 

“Fair are the prospects all ahead.”


I would express to Him with anger, “Why are you telling me that when I’m the most miserable I’ve been in my life.”


I researched 21 websites attempting to find a low income apartment within the boundaries of the price I was offered through the work.


Actually there are many in the state of California: 

NONE available.


I then visited knowledgeable friends regarding the directions I had been given to apply for welfare payments through the state.


As we visited, they became aware I had no place to live.


This couple had built their home with an attached one bedroom apartment with the potential for a full kitchen.

No one was in it.


I left the visit with the keys to that very apartment!!


It became “home” for over two years.


I so treasured sitting here in my wonderful safe corner in my special Lazy Girl chair, looking out my sliding glass doors onto a wonderful sunlit patio, feeling…whatever comes...

God gave me doves, the quiet comforting presence of His creation at His beck and call to use according to the will for which our Father created them.

They confirmed my thoughts when I would get sidetracked and needed to process through and “get back on track.”




These 54 Years later, following the actual violations from December of 1968 through August of 1969, I love this visual of the journey through the cycles of pain and healing represented in the presumed ages of the women behind the golden bars,

 which now is molded into the safe place of golden boundaries set from God.


And there is an opening whereby we can “go in and out among green pastures” led by the Great Shepherd of the sheep.



Note the experienced woman in the forefront and the less experienced

two women at the back.


I see the more aged woman on the left front as expressing in her facial expression where I feel myself to be today.


Safe, in the Great Shepherd’s Fold in the shadow of His Rock.

Tests and Trials completed, God’s will for my life all fulfilled?  Nope.


Trust is finally growing that the fire is/fires are in the hand of the One Who faced every fire on our behalf.

Mt. 3:11 “…he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.”


In October of 2022 my kind hostess of the couple who provided me with their lovely, and safe, and very comfortable, apartment attached to their home, was diagnosed with 4th stage ovarian cancer.

She received treatment and was told she was officially “in remission”.  


The hope came to an end altogether too soon; and the cancer is growing, being treated, but life will, at best, be brief.


The prognosis means confirmation of my calling to “Even unto this present hour….have no certain dwelling place.”,  I Cor. 4:11.


This time around there has been more calm and trust.  Again God would awaken me with, “Fair are the prospects all ahead, and good the land He offers thee…”


One August morning my “message for the day” was,

“Go to San Diego next week.”


One of the friends in San Diego had been inviting me to visit her and her son  in San Diego.


I went in August of this year; and spent two weeks with them.  I was encouraged to come live with them!!

God’s provision.


It would mean living just 15 minutes from 

my sister and husband, where they had lived for their 58 years of marriage.

8 years ago now, 50th anniversary.


I planned to move to San Diego in November.

Little could we have known my brother in law would be in eternity October 11th.


I fast forwarded my move to San Diego to October when his health rapidly was failing by the end of September.


God’s love provided another home for the homeless stranger.


Here is our view out our living room window:

I often eat breakfast on the patio during our cold San Diego winter months. 

Come visit us.

4571 Twain Ave.

San Diego, CA 92120

Experienced, at peace with the transitions of a 54 year journey from victim to survivor to a calm, confident, contented 80 year old female.

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