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Breaking the Silence

We must come to the end of ourselves and reject the “order to keep the silence.”

A victim has to reach the place where

we cannot continue alone in the darkness of our private hell.

We have to “leap over the wall” of silence.

Where do I go?


Consider finding professional counsel.


We can ask God to guide us to a trustworthy person. Beg God to lead to someone safe.


In spite of our shame and blaming ourselves, 

God has not abandoned us.  

[Ps. 139:8   ..if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there]

Why Professional Counsel?


The safest avenue for expressing emotions connected with being violated is to find a professional skilled in counseling victims of sexual violation.

Fear and healthy anger, resentment, bitterness, rage, hatred, and vengeance need a safe place to be expressed in order to be guided into healing.


Sexual violation creates many, many “spirits” within the human psyche.


The victim can’t always clearly “categorize”

“spirits” versus “emotions”

It doesn’t matter! 


Mary Magdalene got to have seven “spirits” “cast out” of her.


Normal emotional responses to the deep wounding in the soul through sexual violation needs expression.

Since expressing passionate emotion is not an accepted tradition in our community of faith,  channeling negative emotions into positive outcomes often needs professional help.


Finding Trustworthy Professionals


A broad range of safe supportive help for healing trauma is available on websites, many at “affordable” prices.  


One example of an all encompassing source with a professional approach is Alex Howard. 

It's a good resource for healing trauma: 


Wide Ranging.


Professionals in the fellowship can be found by sending an email to: 

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