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Questions - and sometimes answers


The “answers” cited in this portion are personal - not clinical or professional, or, or, or…


Q: Does the pain ever go away?

A:  Some of the pain does go away - at least the pain of re-living the experience every time something triggers us into flashbacks, or the subject is addressed intentionally - or not.


Q: Does the darkness ever go away?

I have very recently learned that it has now been scientifically proven that the brain responds to trauma, any trauma, by creating black areas in our brains…

    This is how we were/are able to “forget”.

         I find there is a difference between “choosing” to “forget” by putting the subject into a box for awhile; through denial and avoidance - and being able to think of, or describe, the experience without feeling the pain and darkness descending again.


Q:  How about the fear, anger, rage, hatred, vengeance…

A: I have found life to be a “roller coaster” of all emotions, (in fact, a close friend nicknamed me, “Roller Coaster”.)

     As I have been “recalling” experiences in order to write “EWES”, I have experienced some of every emotion - primarily, they are  from a memory bank which I hope can be the source of compassion and empathy.

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