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Oh, my journey in life has become so rich!

Updated: May 17


I have been caused to remember 

I had a companion, in 2006,  (yes, a companion,

not just a “coworker”), who gave me her access to her  time in a condo on a beach - two nights. 

I went to the beach at  night. 

The waves became grape purple with my sorrow...

It was so healing…

I had had dreams all my life of overwhelming waves coming in in order to destroy me.

Even so, I've found comfort in the action of actual waves.

I currently continue my repetitive dreams with oceans and waves -

same settings.

There are no longer destructive waves.  


Living in an environment of loving appreciation provides the greatest environment for healing…

Writing out our story can provide a wonderful avenue for  healing.

And I love this which was sent to me one day in April:

“...we can simultaneously mourn and grieve and rage…

Also, God loves us, and He is here. 

Both are true. "

Here I am - safe: 

feeling more “settled” than ever in my calling. 

The calling that came from God 

the fall of 1961,

(which I wouldn’t say yes to until 

September of 1962.).


I am content; comforted; 

hoping to be a comfort to others.

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I love this so much.

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